Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Is it really possible to make money with an internet business or is it just hype?

The Answer to that question is a resounding Yes,
But also a resounding no
As well as a resounding maybe!

Hmm maybe this isn’t as simple a question as it first appears.

During 2011 there will be some people who will make a little bit of money on the internet, a few who will make a absolute fortune and many who will unfortunately lose their shirts! Which category you will fall into will very much depends on your attitude and how serious you are in developing your BUSINESS.

Yep you have to develop a Business mentality. A obvious truth that many miss. You simply can’t afford to just play around and hop from one project to another as that just won’t work. But having such a Business mentality won’t guarantee you success. Suppose you decided instead to start your own painting & decorating business. You could chuck your job in, borrow a large stash of cash at a high rate of interest and just get going. However I suggest that a more prudent (what a lovely old fashioned word! You’ll find I use a lot of them) approach would to be to start gradually.

Instead of going flat out it might be better to start the business in your spare time whilst continuing in your full time employment. Once you were well established you could then consider going full time and telling your boss where he could stick your job. Something I’m sure like anyone whose ever working in a fulltime job has dreamed about.

What is the point of this narrative I hear you ask? With the decorating business however good you might be at the practical work there still would be other things to learn such as basic accountancy, local tax laws, building regulations etc. The same thing applies to an internet business. There is a lot to consider and learn. You may or may not have heard of autoresponders, ezines etc but even if you know the terminology would you even know how best to apply the technology?

Fortunately amongst all the noise and sharks out there in cyberspace (oh yes I was badly bitten by a shark when I first started out) there are some honest mentors who have absolute integrity. You just have to find them! Don’t worry I can point you in the right direction if you are interested. No guarantees of course but I can let you know the ones I have found who seem genuine.

Let us return to our decorating business analogy. Once you were established you could consider employing a competent plumber, qualified electrician etc but would you want to do that with all the hassle of employee legislation? You could instead outsource the work. The same applies to an internet business but in this case the world is your oyster. YOU don’t have to be an expert on all the technologies available. There are many people out there that can help you and relatively cheaply too especially in some countries with a lower cost of living. Your job is to be an internet MARKETER.

Advertising will be the life blood of your business and that should take most of your effort.
So yes you can make a good (even a stunning/ unbelievable) living with your own internet business but initially it will take either time and/or money to get started. There are a lot of ways to get established with little money. However these methods take a lot of time whereas if money is no object then a quicker start can be made with less time. Once you have established the right attitude and prepared for perseverance then a trade off between time and money will be necessary.

So my advice? Go for it. You only live once so you deserve to have a good life and a successful internet business is one of, no I will rephrase that, THE best way of achieving this for you and your loved ones.

To YOUR success
John Beaumont

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